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Application fee

To confirm each registration for studies, you have to pay the application fee.

The application fee amount is 85 or 100 PLN*.

*for programmes, where interview or entrance examination are in qualification criteria.

The fee is paid on the same bank account number for each application. If you have signed up for more than one programme, you can set proprieties of the payment by determining the order in the tab “Payments” in OAS account.

Application fee may only be paid by a bank transfer or Dotpay (you can use a credit card). We do not accept checks, and you cannot pay by money order (ex. Western Union), or cash directly at our Admission Office.

Bank transfer details

Application fee should be paid to a bank account available in your OAS account once you register for a programme (look for it in the tab “payments” in “My account” section). This is a bank account dedicated only to PLN, if you are going to pay in a different currency, please remember that the payment has to be converted into Polish zloty.

Transfer details:
Jagiellonian University
Golebia 24 st.
IBAN: PL +account number available in your OAS account in the "Payments" tab.

Application fee deadline

Your application fee transfer has to reach the university by the “paying application fee” deadline as determined in the admission schedule for the programme where you’re applying. If you fail to pay the fee within this deadline, your application will not be considered.

Refund of the application fee

All kinds of refunds of overpayments from application fee will be made after entire admission process has been completed at the Jagiellonian University (usually it is mid-November).

Application fee is not refundable. Refund of the application fee (or only part) appertains only in case of:

  • overpayment, i.e. sum of money exceeding the amount of the required application fee, while all handling costs related to the return or re-booking of these funds are sustained by the candidate
  • not opening the study program,
  • revoking of application, however, revoking must ensue no later than the time specified as "Registration and application fee payment",
  • • payment of the fee after the date specified as "paying application fee", which equals in an unconfirmed registration due to late payment.


  • • The bank account number generated for the registration is only used for paying the application fee , and it’s dedicated to a particular OAS account. It cannot be used for making any other payments (it is not the account for student ID fee, tuition, friends' application fees etc.) Bank account number to which the tuition fee should be paid will be generated for you upon enrolment. It differs from the bank account number for application fee payment.
  • All and any handling charges related to the transfer, refunds, reclassification of funds are candidate's responsibility.

Tuition fee

Resolution no. 17/III/2019 of the Senate of the Jagiellonian University of 27th March 2019 on rules for charging fees and exempting from fees for educational services at first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle Magister degree study programmes at the Jagiellonian University

International candidates applying for programmes in foreign languages pay tuition for all programmes. Depending on a programme, tuition varies between 2 220 EUR (for Ecology and Evolution) and 14 000 EUR (for MD program in English) for the first year of studies.

Tuition is paid in the amount for one semester. Candidates admitted to the first year are obliged to pay first installment no later than within 7 days from enrollment.

In exceptional cases, such as a difficult financial situation, high academic results or participation in international exchange programs, student can apply for a reduction or exemption from tuition fee, but that kind of procedure is not available for the first year of study.

Detailed information about tuition fees is available in OAS study catalogue at, in study cards, tab "fees".