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Programme offer

List of programmes in English is available at Information about each of the study programmes, e.g. full list of courses, can be found at, (for medical programmes) and at the Faculty or Institute official websites. In the Online Application System (OAS) you can find all study cards together with formal requirements, qualification rules, required documents fees and contact data for each programme.

Programmes at Jagiellonian University can be available in full-time or part-time mode (or in both versions). Part-time programmes (previously called evening, external ) differ from a full-time programmes: the lectures that take place in late afternoons (evening programmes) or during weekends (external programmes), and all students pay a tuition fee. 

Programmes in Polish

Every year we extend our offer of programmes conducted in foreign languages, which are very popular among foreign students. But still most of the programmes at the JU are conducted in Polish. If you are interested in admission for these programmes, please visit our webiste Information on learning Polish language can be found here:

First- or long-cycle (undergraduate) programmes

The University journey begins with the first-cycle programmes (undergraduate, Licencjat-level) which are the first studies that a person can undertake after passing the Matura exam. They last three years—six semesters—and upon graduation students are awarded with a professional title of Licencjat (usually equivalent to Bachelor titles). This title entitles its holder to undertake second-cycle programmes that lead to the award of a professional title of Magister (Master).

Selected programmes are not divided into two cycles and they automatically lead to the award of a professional title of Magister, skipping the Licencjat cycle. Such studies are called long-cycle programmes and they take from five to six years to complete. At the Jagiellonian University, such programmes include: Medicine, Medicine and Dentistry, Psychology or Law.

Second-cycle (graduate) programmes

Second-cycle programmes (graduate, Magister-level) are the next stage in the higher education system. Completing these programmes enables students to deepen their knowledge about the specific field of science. Everyone who holds a higher education diploma (at least from a first-cycle programme), or its equivalent, can apply for admission to second-cycle programmes. Those programmes take two years—four semesters— to complete and a professional title of Magister (Master) is awarded upon graduation. This title entitles its holder to continue education in doctoral schools. To be admitted to second-cycle programme, students are usually expected to hold a Licencjat (first-cycle) diploma (Magister, or second-cycle, diploma is also accepted).