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All information available on this website is related to admission for international students. Information related to Polish citizens is available on the website (in Polish only).

What does it mean?

Enrolment is the final stage of the admission process, which changes your status from a ‘candidate’ to a ‘student’. It is also a final confirmation of your choice regarding the program you will undertake.

Technically, it delivers all the required documents TO THE SECRETARY’S OFFICE of your studies.

It is essential to complete this procedure on time and correctly. If you extend the deadline (defined in the admission schedule), you will not be accepted for studies.

Can I enrol?

If you passed your exam/interview successfully, and your status in the OAS (in the Applications part) changed to ACCEPTED, you may enrol. It also means that you express your declaration to enter the chosen studies by delivering documents to the appropriate Secretary’s Office.

What should I do?

Firstly, check the enrolment schedule and find the contacts of your secretary’s office. You may look for it in the OAS system: open My account, then Applications, and finally, on the bottom of the page, find Documents and further steps – there is detailed information.

Secondly, in the section "Documents and further steps" find the information about the form of delivering documents defined for your program: by correspondence or personally.

Remember, correspondence enrollment is not available for all programs. It takes place only if the secretary’s office agrees to it. The reason for this is that the secretary’s office takes the final decision regarding the form of enrollment.

Correspondence enrollment:

  1. Send the high-quality scans of all documents to the e-mail address of your secretary’s office until the specified deadline. Remember to check whether the documents are complete. If you are a minor, get yourself acquainted with the additional requirements for minor candidates.
  2. Then deliver all the documents personally until the 27th of September so the secretary office’s worker may verify them and confirm their authenticity. Remember to bring copies of all the documents (except the personal questionnaire).

Traditional enrolment (in person):

  • Please take all the required documents and bring them to your secretary’s office. Don’t forget to bring copies of all the documents (except the personal questionnaire).

Remember, if you are a minor, your parent or state representative must be present with you. If you can’t come personally, you may appoint a representative.

What documents should I deliver?

For the list of required documents click here.

Don’t forget about the sworn translation of the documents issued in a language other than Polish.

The legalization or apostille of your diploma is also highly important.

Exceptional situations

Suppose you couldn’t deliver the documents until the deadline because of the situation that made it impossible (illness, force majeure, etc.), and you can document it. In that case, you may apply for a retrial. In such a situation contact the Welcome Centre office.

Remember that submitting such an application does not mean a positive outcome. This procedure is only for severe and exceptional situations.