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During admissions, candidates may submit their applications and questions. Below you may find the list of the most often submitted case letters with explanations and templates used at Jagiellonian University.

who: Individuals who got qualified for studies and could not enrol within the deadline.

deadline: Within seven days after the cause of a failure to enrol.

how to submit: Contact Admissions Office – Welcome Centre at You will receive access to the application in your Online Application System account. Describe the cause of a failure to enrol within the deadline in your application. You may attach documents confirming such reasons, e.g., a medical certificate.

important: Remember that failure to enrol within the deadline is treated as a resignation from studies. Therefore, your place may be offered to another individual from the reserve list. The ability to set a new deadline for enrollment depends on the cause that prevented you from registering and the availability of places in this study programme.

You may apply in the Online Application System until the generation of an administrative decision for your application closes the proceeding. If you already have a decision and setting a new deadline for you is justified, contact us at, as the procedure will be slightly different from the described one.

who: Individuals not displeased with the outcome of the admission, who received administrative decision issued by the Rector which closes proceeding.

deadline: Within 14 days from the date of receiving the decision.

template: application for reconsideration of the case

how to submit: You may apply for reconsideration of the case:

  • personally in the Lodgement of Documents (Dziennik Podawczy) (ul. Gołębia 24, room no 11, 31-007 Kraków with a note: Admission to studies);
  • personally in the Welcome Centre (ul. Ingardena 6, entrance from Oleandry 2A);
  • by post sent to Jagiellonian University, ul. Gołębia 24 room no 11, 31-007 Kraków with a note: Admission to studies;
  • by ePUAP

important: Decision is not the same as information “not qualified” or “not admitted” published in the Online Application System on the day of publication of results. An administrative decision is an official document addressed to a candidate, issued by the Rector, and delivered to a candidate with acknowledgement of receipt. This document contains the justification for rejection and instructions on what to do if you disagree with the decision. You must wait to apply for reconsideration of the case until you receive the decision – from that moment, the 14-day time limit for submission starts.

In the application for reconsideration of the case, it is worth mentioning what you do not agree with or point out the breach in the regulations and the admissions procedure applicable at the university. Legal acts, including the admissions process at Jagiellonian University, are available here.

The appeal procedure shall not be used to send applications and requests for admission for studies to the university. Enrollment for studies at Jagiellonian University proceeds according to the precise regulations

who: Individuals who are enrolled but do not want to begin particular studies.

deadline: Until 30 September.

templates: wniosek o anulowanie wpisu na studia (in Polish); application for cancellation of the enrolment  (in English)

how to submit: You can submit the application for cancellation of the enrolment personally or send it by post. You can do it before the beginning of an academic year in the unit responsible for your studies – the place, where you enrolled for the studies.

important: If you want to resign from the studies after 1st October, use application for striking off the list of JU students due to the resignation from studies.