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Power of attorney

Can't enroll in person? Appoint a representative!

How to enroll in studies: create an account in the IRK system, select studies from the catalog and register, pay the application fee, and wait for the results to be announced. It would seem that the information about being qualified ends your adventure with admission to studies. However, there is one more formality, without which you will not become a student of Jagiellonian University. This is enrollment in studies.

If you can come to the unit within the time limit for registration and provide documents, everything should go smoothly. However, what if you cannot enroll in person due to travel, work, or illness?

You can appoint a representative who will carry out all formalities related to enrollment in studies on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: if you are underage at the time of enrollment, information on enrollment and power of attorney for minor candidates can be found here.

IMPORTANT: you do not authenticate the above power of attorney with a notary public.

Download the power of attorney (English version) here.

Version in Polish

Version in Ukrainian

Version in Russian

To make it possible, such a representative must have a set of documents with them, which include:

  • documents required for enrollment, the list is in the "Documents required for enrollment" tab in the study card in the catalog on, and the personal questionnaire. The personal questionnaire may be signed by a proxy-based on a power of attorney;
  • a power of attorney signed by the candidate, the form of which is presented above;
  • apart from their identity document (passport)- a copy of the candidate's passport (it does not have to be confirmed by a notary public) on behalf of which he is acting - documents available for inspection. If a candidate is from a non–EU country, it should be a passport.

REMEMBER: without a complete set of documents, enrollment in studies will not be possible. If you already know that you will not be able to enroll in the studies in person, prepare the documents for the attorney in advance.

Questions & Answers

  • I am leaving before publishing the ranking lists, so how will I sign a personal questionnaire that will not appear on my account until I am accepted into college?

    In the form of a power of attorney, which can be found above, you can authorize the representative to sign the personal questionnaire. All you need to do then is to download and send a PDF file with the survey to your representative from anywhere in the world after the ranking lists are announced, and they will print and sign it for you.

  • I live abroad, and I can not give my representative my ID. What identity document do I have to provide them with in this case? Can it be a driving license?

    You can leave or send the representative a copy of your ID card or passport. The driver's license is not an identity document.

  • My passport/ID has expired. What document can I use when enrolling for studies (or leave it to my representative)?

    To enroll in studies, you must have a valid identity document, so it is necessary to ensure that it is up-to-date in advance. Without a valid document, the secretary’s office has the right to refuse entry.