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Programme info

Field of study:
Business and Finance Management

Faculty of Management and Social Communication

Programme type:
graduate (second-cycle)

Study mode: full-time

Title: magister
(equivalent of master's degree)

Tuition fee: 13 200 PLN/year (approx. 3 100 EUR/year)

Number of semesters: 4 (2 years)

Language of instruction: English

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Business and Finance Management

Programme description

Second-cycle programme in Business and Finance Management aims to develop competencies necessary for the career in specialised and management positions in the management system, as middle and top level managers, analysts, advisers, and consultants in commercial or public organisations, as well as for operating their own business. Completion of this programme will prove especially beneficial to persons interested in pursuing career in organisations with foreign investment, both because of English as language of instruction and as a result of received training in navigating global socio-economic space. This programme has been prepared for graduates from first- and second-cycle programmes in the fields of management, economy, finance, from faculties of economy and engineering, law and administration, psychology, sociology, and other.


The programme is individualised by adapting its content to changing demands of social and economical activities and to student expectations arising from the changing job market. Current important economic problems and approaches to resolving them are integrated in the curriculum.

A good command of English is required for undertaking studies on this programme.

The minimum sum total of ECTS points of this programme is 120. All compulsory courses amount for 94 ECTS of this total sum.

See also the programme curriculum.

Student academic societies

Chair in Management in Tourism houses two academic societies: Horizom Tourist Academic Society for students interested in tourism management and KN Managerów Sportu for those interested in sport management. Institute of Economics, Finance and Management is home to Strategist Academic Society, where students can gain experience in the field of management by participating in the cooperation with Hungarian Heller Farkas Academic Society, organising conferences, trainings, workshops, and meetings with business professionals. Being an active academic societies’ member is a unique opportunity to partake in numerous original projects, including international, and can be a good way to take part in cooperation with businesses where members can gain valuable professional experience.

Graduate’s profile

Graduates are equipped with advanced, specialised theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management and related, in particular about problems of enterprises and public sector institutions, and the value of their correct operation. Graduates can perform a critical analysis, interpretation, and assessment of phenomena and management processes in various scales, appraisal of environmental impact on those phenomena (processes), and they can prepare and execute managerial, strategic decisions. They can organise teamwork and be team leaders, as well as efficiently communicate, negotiate, and persuade, also employing their fluency in English. Graduates are well-prepared for pursuing career in specialised and managerial positions in the management system, as middle and top level managers, analysts, advisers, and consultants in commercial or public organisations, as well as for operating their own business. They are particularly equipped for undertaking employment in organisations with foreign investment.

Professional development

Upon graduation from the Business and Finance Management specialty, students will be prepared for working as specialised managers of middle and top level in private sector and in public administration. They can pursue career as independent professionals, such as analysts or advisors. They will demonstrate knowledge and skills required for operating a business and the ability to navigate global socio-economic space.

Access to further study

Graduates from the Business and Finance Management programme can undertake third-cycle (doctoral) and post diploma programmes in social sciences and related fields. They are also fully equipped for continuing education towards obtaining qualifications for practising in highly specialised professions.

Language competencies

Upon graduation, students are fluent in business English at C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, including specialised vocabulary from the field of management.

Qualification rules

Foreigners: final admissions result is calculated based on interview conducted in English. Its aim is to assess candidate's aptitude for the programme, including their English proficiency.

Polish citizens: final admissions result is calculated based on the grade average computed into points on a scale from 0 to 100 based on the grading scale.


Application fee

The application fee is 100 PLN (foreigners) or 85 PLN (Polish citizens).

Tuition fee

The tuition is 13 200 PLN/year (approx. 3 100 EUR/year, 26 400 PLN/programme).

Tuition is paid in the amount for one semester. Candidates admitted to the first year are obliged to pay first installment no later than within 7 days from enrolment.

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