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Programme info

Field of study:
Comparative Heritage Studies

Faculty of Polish Studies

Programme type:
graduate (second-cycle)

Study mode: full-time

Title: magister
(equivalent of master's degree)

Tuition fee: 7 000 EUR for first year and 3 500 EUR for second year

Number of semesters: 4 (2 years)

Language of instruction: English

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Comparative Heritage Studies (COHES)

Programme description

This two-year full-time Comparative Heritage Studies (COHES) MA programme offers a wide range of knowledge on cultural heritage in literature, art, theatre, architecture, urban space, and sites of memory, particularly those found in Krakow and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The COHES programme focuses on the multi-ethnic, multinational, multilingual nature of heritage, approaching it from three angles: Digital Heritage, Visual Heritage, and Comparative and Translated Heritage.

Information on programme, hours & ECTS Points and structure of the Curriculum can be found here

Graduate’s profile

The knowledge gained by COHES graduates will allow them to broaden their understanding of the dynamics shaping heritage in the contemporary world, both in symbolic and material terms. Graduates will be prepared to identify and analyse social, cultural, and political actions that affect the recognition and protection of cultural heritage, as well as its management and education. They will receive qualifications to work in international cultural centres, particularly museums, archival/research, diplomatic, or academic institutes, publishing houses, and libraries. These studies will train young scholars to use interdisciplinary tools in a critical and comparative fashion, helping them to work in multilingual and multicultural environments.

Qualification rules

The final admission result is calculated on the basis of the result of the analysis of documents submitted by the candidate. Candidates are additionally formally required to pass an interview verifying their command of the English language (or present document confirming the command of English, recognized at the Jagiellonian University).

Detailed information can be found in respective study card in Online Application System.


GALINA (Russia): The programme offered by the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (CASH) of the Jagiellonian University gives a unique opportunity for foreigners and locals to gain in depth knowledge of Polish culture and practice to research it. The immersive and comparative contact with heritage can turn out to be a far more reaching method of expanding Polish culture worldwide than it might appear at first.

SHENG (China): Kraków is one of the best cities I have visited in Europe. Of course, I am living here too, and this city is full of arts and nightlife, you will enjoy it here. Studying at Jagiellonian University is a nice thing, the faculty at our centre is very helpful. As an Asian student, I feel it is not easy to learn European culture, be ready for this and you will have a lot of things to do. By the way, winter is a cold season, live in Poland with learning some Polish, you will live better.

MEHEK (Pakistan): I feel honored that I chose to study in a university which dates its legacy back to 1364. COHES program gave me a chance to meet people from all over the globe, which would have been a rare opportunity otherwise. My masters’ degree has made me an individual who can look at issues critically. It has given me an edge over others to think broadly about various subjects, especially to look at heritage through a comparative lens. My degree has taught me to explore the topic at hand and look at it critically through different perspectives and hence, has helped me to grow as an individual intellectually. Therefore, this two year journey has been an enriching experience which includes fun, learning and memorable moments which I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Application fee

The application fee is 85 PLN.

Tuition fee

The tuition is 7 000 EUR for first year and 3 500 EUR for second year (10 500 EUR/programme).

Tuition is paid in the amount for one semester. Candidates admitted to the first year are obliged to pay first installment no later than within 7 days from enrolment.

Contact us

Phone: +48 12 663 18 10