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Programme info

Field of study:
Intellectual Property and New Technologies

Faculty of Law and Administration

Programme type:
graduate (second-cycle)

Study mode: full-time

Title: magister
(equivalent of master's degree)

Tuition fee (Polish citizens): 2 500 EUR/first year (approx. 2 850 USD/first year)

Tuition fee (foreigners): 5 000 EUR/first year (approx. 5 700 USD/first year)

Number of semesters: 3 (1,5 years)

Language of instruction: English

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Intellectual Property and New Technologies

Programme description

The programme delivers comprehensive knowledge on the legal protection and commercial exploitation of new technologies. New technologies create new opportunities in life and science and build bridges between people from different countries and cultures. They also pose serious challenges, especially for the intellectual property law. The programme offers an extensive curriculum on the intellectual property law related to new technologies, considered from an international perspective. It adopts a comparative approach to IP regulations, with EU law serving as a main point of reference.

The programme is developed in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Its main focus is on the following issues: new technologies and patent law; copyright in the digital era; commercial communication in the context of trade marks, designs and unfair competition; data protection, privacy and personal rights on the Internet; Internet service providers’ liability; and more.

The programme takes advantage of new technologies. Its first, non-residential semester is realised on-line, through a state-of-the-art e-learning platform. The remaining two residential semesters, which take place in Kraków, combine traditional lectures and seminars with e-learning. Detailed information on

Graduate’s profile

Graduates of the programme are well-prepared for working in international and domestic corporations and institutions active in the area of new technologies, or in non-governmental organisations. Their knowledge and competences may be of special value to those entrepreneurs and legal firms which operate in the demanding new technologies markets. Students may continue their education in Poland and/or abroad in the framework of the following postgraduate and at LLM studies:

  • LL.M program European and Transnational Law of Intellectual Property and Information Technology run by the University of Göttingen
  • LL.M program International Studies in Intellectual Property Law run by the Technical University of Dresden
  • Post-graduate studies in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies Law conducted by the University of Gdańsk
  • Postgraduate studies in the Law of Modern Technologies conducted by the Kozminski University in Warsaw
  • Postgraduate Intellectual Property Law Studies conducted by the University of Warsaw

The Intellectual Property Rights Chair of provides also the opportunity to apply for doctoral studies (third-cycle studies) at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.

Qualification rules

The admission procedure is divided into two stages.

During the first stage, candidate’s motivation letter is assessed (on the scale from 0 to 50 points). Only candidates who were awarded the highest number of points during the first stage are invited to the second stage of the procedure, in number exceeding by half the number of places available (number of places available in the current application round + 50%). Candidates who do not take part in the interview are awarded 0 (zero) points for that stage. Candidate's final result is reflected by the sum of points awarded on both stages of the admission procedure.

Final results is calculated on the basis of:

  1. assessment of the motivation letter written in English (50 points), highlighting:
    • completed courses in the field of Law (especially Civil Law or Intellectual Property Law), Management, Economy, or other courses at least partially related to the broad field of Intellectual Property and/or New Technologies Law, or
    • scope of candidate's experience to date related to the field of Intellectual Property and/or New Technologies.
  2. result of the interview, verifying candidate's motivation and qualifications for undertaking the programme as well as their English command (B2 level).


Application fee

The application fee is 22 USD (or 85 PLN, or 20 EUR). The fee is paid separately for each registration and each registration has its own bank account number assigned for the payment.

Tuition fee for Polish citizens:

  • tuition for the first year: 2 500 EUR (approx. 2 850 USD)
  • tuition for the second year: 1 000 EUR (approx. 1 150 USD)

Tuition fee for foreigners:

  • tuition for the first year: 5 000 EUR (approx. 5 700 USD)
  • tuition for the second year: 2 000 EUR (approx. 2 300 USD)

Contact us

Phone: +48 12 663 19 46