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Programme info

Field of study:
Molecular Biotechnology

Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology

Programme type:
graduate (second-cycle)

Study mode: full-time

Title: magister
(equivalent of master's degree)

Tuition fee: yes (the detailed information will be provided later)

Number of semesters: 4 (2 years)

Language of instruction: English

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Molecular Biotechnology

Programme description

Molecular Biotechnology is a graduate (second-cycle) programme of studies. It is a full-time programme of studies which apart from offering obligatory courses asks students to follow their interests in choosing a variety of electives. The programme is composed of the courses on practical biochemistry, cell biology, plant biology, molecular biology, genetic engineering etc. A student writes his or her diploma dissertation based on results of an individual research project prepared through the course of laboratory practice.

Graduate’s profile

A graduate of the Molecular Biotechnology programme has a good knowledge of the basis of sciences and in-depth knowledge regarding biological processes occurring on a molecular level, as well as specialised subjects covered by this curriculum. This knowledge enables describing, explaining and exploiting various biological processes. A graduate is prepared to work in the area of:

  • directed genetic modification of microorganisms and cells of higher organisms
  • directing of processes of biosynthesis and biotransformation
  • analysis of intracellular processes
  • isolation and purification of bioproducts
  • medical diagnostic

The graduates are well prepared to work in research and development institutions, and – depending on a chosen specialisation – in laboratories focused on medicine, pharmacology, environmental protection and agriculture.

Qualification rules

Detailed information on qualification rules for the 2020/2021 academic year will be provided later.


Detailed information on application and tuition fees for the 2020/2021 academic year will be provided later.

Contact us

Phone: +48 12 664 65 14