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Application fee – what to remember

  • Once the currency is chosen, it cannot be changed!

This is very important. If you paid in wrong currency, your application fee will be transferred back to you bank automatically and we will never receive it. We have to receive application fee payment in currency declared by you upon registration, not its equivalent in different currency. Avoid unpleasent situation and make sure you or your bank will not change currency of this payment!

  • Do not leave your payment for the last moment

It takes up to 10 days for international payments to be booked while we need to receive your payment before 'confirming registration' deadline

  • Each registration is assigned a different, individual bank account number.
  • If paying fees for several registrations, please notice that each application fee has a different bank account number assigned (trivia: six last digits of the bank account number are your OAS number—registration number—you can use this to check if you have the correct bank account number).
  • Payments cannot be made jointly, they have to be made separately for each registration.

More information on application fee can be found here: