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Announcement of results for studies in foreign languages

The lists for first application round for foreigners are published on the Online Application System website in candidates' individual OAS accounts.

Ranking lists and qualification results were announced on Monday 9 March 2020, in the FIRST, basic application round of the 2020/2021 academic year admissions for foreigners for the first year of first- and second-cycle programmes carried out in foreign languages.

All applicants for those programmes have received individual notifications about their final qualification results. They are asked to read the information published in their OAS accounts carefully; they will find detailed information on the enrolment place and date as well as complete lists of required documents there.

Undertaking studies without enrolment is not possible. Please contact the unit responsible for the studies – respective faculty and institute – for information on how to enrol remotely.

All applicants who have not been admitted to the Jagiellonian University in this application round or have not yet decided on the programme they wish to pursue are welcome to join the next, pending additional application round.

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