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Disabled people

Following the principle of equal rights and obligations, candidates with disabilities or chronically ill who wish to pursue studies at the Jagiellonian University are subject to the same recruitment procedure as all other candidates. 

If the recruitment procedure for a selected university programme provides for an examination or an interview (e.g. interview or examination for second-degree, third-degree or postgraduate studies), the candidates may request for examination format adaptations to their needs stemming from disability or chronic illness. The adapted format does not entail any examination exemption but aims at ensuring equal opportunities for candidates with disabilities or chronically ill in relation to the other candidates.

The examination format is arranged on a case-by-case basis, on the basis of a detailed conversation between a Accessibility Centre consultant and the candidate as well as the most recent documentation furnished to confirm the nature of the disability or chronic illness. It will also be required for the candidate to submit a written request to the head of the Accessibility Centre. The request should contain name of study program and adaptation format. In case of failure to follow the procedure, the request will not be considered.

For the request to be processed, the candidate must submit the request to the Head of Accessibility Centre not later than three days prior to the relevant registration deadline in a given recruitment process, so it is recommended to reach out to the Accessibility Centre in advance.

All the persons starting studies who, due to disabilities or chronic diseases, need support in the study process – e.g. organization of classes in architecturally accessible buildings, adaptation of classes and exams to the needs resulting from health condition, please contact the JU Accessibility Centre to discuss possible forms of support and procedures related to adaptation of education process.

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